Internet Crystal Mark – Website approved by Plain English Campaign

We aim to make our website easy to use and understand. We are committed to using plain English throughout our website and to making our content as easy to understand as possible.

This website has been approved by the Plain English Campaign which means that we can display the Internet Crystal Mark.

If there is something that you feel could be explained in a clearer way please complete the online form.

What is the Plain English Campaign?

The Plain English Campaign helps organisations make information as clear as possible to their customers or other audiences. It reviews documents and websites, examining their content, design and layout.

For more information about the Plain English Campaign, visit

What is the Internet Crystal Mark?

The Internet Crystal Mark is displayed by websites which have been approved by the Plain English Campaign.

Websites have to meet certain criteria before using their logo. Their content, layout, navigation, language and design are also reviewed to make sure they are easy to understand and use.

Our website is reviewed each year to make sure we can continue to display the Internet Crystal Mark.