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Annual retirement budget planner

Do you know how much your living costs will be when you retire?

Our handy budget planner will help you work out how much money you may need each year to give you the kind of retirement you’ve always looked forward to.

For each of the items listed in the planner, simply fill in how much you expect to spend each year. If you don’t know the annual cost, you can enter the daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly cost into our handy calculator and we’ll do the sums for you. Calculations are given to the nearest £ sterling. There’s also the option to add in additional items, so you can tailor the planner to suit your own lifestyle.

The tool will add up your spending as you go along. When you’ve finished, press ‘calculate budget’ to see at a glance how all the figures stack up. You can also then save or print your budget so you can refer back to it later.

Note: The total budget calculated is indicative only and its accuracy will depend on the accuracy of the information that you enter. This tool is for illustrative information purposes only. The information provided from it should be used as guide only and should not be treated in any way as financial advice.

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