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Guide to taking a flexible income

If you would like to receive a flexible income from your pension savings there are options available to you which would allow you to withdraw your cash as an when you needed to whilst keeping the rest of it invested.

  • If you choose a flexible income option, your pension savings will only last until all the money has been taken out, however long you live, so you’ll need to make sure you budget carefully.
  • There’s no guarantee of the future value of your pension savings ‒ they could continue to grow, and any further growth will be free of tax, but the value could go down as well as up.
  • As with the full cash option, you’ll need to make sure that you’re not missing out on any special features that your pension policy offers. For example if your pension has a guaranteed annuity rate (GAR), it could give you a higher level of income from an annuity, where the market annuity rate is lower than the guaranteed rate on your policy. You should check with your provider whether you have one and how it works.
  • There may be an early exit reduction fee such as market value reduction (MVR) on your current policy, so your pension savings may reduce if you take your benefits before your selected retirement date.
  • You can still make contributions to your defined contribution pension scheme up to your 75th birthday. A defined contribution pension scheme is one where the pension amount at retirement depends on the amount of money paid into it, and the investment growth. It is also known as a money purchase scheme. The maximum amount of contributions that can be made in a year that qualify for tax relief is limited to £4,000*, known as the money purchase annual allowance (MPAA). However, if you have only taken the tax free lump sum and have left the rest of your pension (the flexible part) untouched, you can still pay your annual allowance (currently £40,000) into your pension each year and get tax relief on the whole £40,000.
  • *Important: Due to the unexpected general election planned for 8th June 2017 the current limit remains at £10,000 however the expectation is that this may reduce to £4,000. We therefore strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice if you intend to contribute more than £4,000.

Shopping around

Remember, you should always shop around to make sure you are getting the right flexible income option for you. You may be able to obtain a higher pension income by shopping around. The easiest way to do this is to contact Pension Wise, speak with a financial adviser, use a comparison website or contact providers directly.

We recommend that you obtain free and impartial guidance from Pension Wise, a pension guidance service which has been set up by the Government, or speak to a financial adviser before you make any decisions about your pension savings.

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