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Guide to pension help, guidance & advice

Guide to pension help, guidance & advice

With so many retirement options available to you we recommend that you get the best and most impartial guidance you can to help you understand your choices and the implications associated with them. But where do you go? Here’s a quick guide.

Pension Wise – Your Money, Your Choice

Pension Wise is a free and impartial service that has been introduced by the Government to provide:

  • tailored guidance online, over the telephone or face to face, to explain what options you have and help you think about how to make the best use of your pension savings;
  • information about the tax implications of different options and other important things you should think about; and
  • tips on getting the best deal, including how to shop around.

The online guidance is available now by visiting the Pension Wise website.

Please call 0800 138 3944 between 8am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday to book a phone or face to face appointment. Alternatively, if you would like a face to face appointment you can visit the Pension Wise website and find out where your local face to face appointment can take place and book directly.

Pension Wise only provides guidance on what you can do with a defined contribution pension. You can get help with defined benefit pensions at the Pensions Advisory Service. If you are not sure what type of policy you have please contact us.

Financial Advice

A financial adviser will look at your pension savings and talk through your personal wishes and requirements before advising you on the best course of action. They will also research the market, find out what’s available from different pension providers and get quotes for you to consider.

Financial advisers will normally charge for their time and advice.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, Phoenix Customer Care can put you in touch with one. Click here for further information.

The Pensions Advisory Service

The Pensions Advisory Service is an independent organisation grant-aided by the Department for Work and Pensions. They have a team of paid pension specialists, supported by hundreds of expert volunteer advisers, who are there to provide free, independent information and guidance on pension matters.

The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service helps people manage their money by offering free and impartial advice. They’re an independent service set up by the Government and they also work in partnership with other organisations. You’ll find a lot of information on their website on pensions, work and retirement, as well as general financial guidance.

Beware of pension scams

Wherever you decide to go to for guidance, the most important thing is to make sure the service you use is a legitimate one. Unfortunately there are fraudsters out there.

For further information on pension scams please visit the Pensions Regulator pension scams website.

Request your retirement pack

For information on accessing your pension funds, request your personal retirement pack

Contact us

Find contact details, information about your policy or make changes online

Pension scams

Be alert to pension scams

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